About Jam Butty

Based in the North West of England, Jam Butty covers a wide range of photography and video assignments for many clients including Public Relations and Creative Agencies, PLC’s, Public Sector Organisations and Education Providers.

Our team pride themselves on going the extra mile to produce fresh and creative imagery and video from clients assignments and events, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

This is where we truly come into our own; ensuring that even the most ‘bread and butter’ assignment is treated to a healthy dollop of inspiration.

As well as offering photography and video as stand alone services, the dual photography and video package that we offer is very popular. A photographer and videographer attend together and we supply photography and a news style edited video illustrating your event, which can be a very good way of communicating your message. Newspaper websites are now using more and more video content and these short videos are perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

Fast turnaround of work is standard. Upon request, we can also provide jpeg images and short video clips within minutes of them being taken due to our wi-fi enabled cameras.